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    MINIMUM Charge:
Stitch Count:
Approximately $1/1,000 Stitches $5
Setup: For Repeat Embroidery Orders $15
Digitizing: To Turn Your Logo Into Stitches $50


Digitizing is required to convert a custom design or logo into
embroidery stitches.
Once a design has been digitized,
the sewing file is retained in
Visual Advantage's
archives & saved for future use.


There is no minimum order.

Thread Color

Thread color is determined in-house. You may choose to change
thread colors as often as you wish to compliment the item
being embroidered. Please see the examples below.
Pantone matching is possible. Just let us
know what we can do for you!

Send Your Artwork to Visual Advantage

Upload your logo or artwork below. There is no cost to do this.
Recommended file formats include: JPEG, PDF, TIFF.
Visual Advantage will review your artwork &
determine if your file is suitable
for embroidery.

Please select a file to send to Visual Advantage.